Dining at the Art Bar

Share platters

Trio of dips                                                                                                                            $14

Homemade dips & pita bread (GF crackers & Vegan dips available)

Antipasto platter                                                                                                                   $26

Olives, naturally cured meats (chemical & nitrate free), dips & pita bread

Cheese & cured meats                                                                                                        $38

Three cheeses & naturally cured meats (chemical & nitrate free)

Small tapas plates to share

Warmed marinated olives (Vegan, GF)                                                                            $8

Mushroom confit with garlic & thyme (Vegan, GF)                                                        $9

Grilled Halloumi cheese with pita bread (Veg)                                                             $9

Lemon grilled smoked chorizo (GF)                                                                                  $9

Patatas bravasroasted potatoes in Bravas sauce (Vegan, GF)                                  $10

Medium tapas plates to share

Moroccan spiced cauliflower, carrot & chickpeas (Vegan, GF)                                 $14

Lime & chilli chicken skewers (4) (GF)                                                                              $14

Catalan spiced sherry glazed king prawns(4) (GF)                                                       $16

Larger tapas plates to share

Grilled lamb rump with roasted capsicum & almond Romescosauce (GF)             $32

Lobster tails(3) in white wine & garlic burnt butter sauce(GF)                                               $42


Crispy roasted potatoesin olive oil & thyme (Vegan, GF)                                             $9

Moroccan spiced cauliflower, carrot & chickpeas (Vegan, GF)                                 $14

Orange, fennel & walnut saladwith rocket & citrus dressing (Vegan, GF)                  $14

Grilled pita bread                                                                                                                 $4


Weekly Dessert Special see Specials Board                                                                    $12

Freshly made gelatofrom the local dairy farm The Pines (some GF flavours)            $6

Art Bar AffogatoThe Pines gelato, espresso coffee & liqueur of choice (GF)              $14

Cheese Platter Selection of three cheeses with accompaniments (GF available)  $24

ART BAR FEED ME! (minimum of 4 and entire table only) $35 per person

Don’t have the headspace… Just say “Feed Me” and we will bring out a selection of dishes to suit your number of guests and dietary requirements