Dining at the Art Bar

ART BAR FEED ME! (minimum of 4 people whole table only)     $30 per person

The Art Bar Feed Me is a banquet of all the tapas dishes, pita bread and dips portioned for the number of guests at your table. Most dietary requirements and food allergies can be accommodated in this banquet.

Trio of dips                                                                                                                             $12

Chef’s selection of homemade dips & pita bread (GF & vegetarian available)

Antipasto platter                                                                                                                  $24

Olives, selection of cured meats, grilled & pickled veg with pita bread (GF)

Tapas little plates to share

Warmed olives (vegan, GF)                                                                                            $7

Garlic confit mushrooms (GF)                                                                                       $8

Smokey paprika potatoes with aioli (GF, veg)                                                           $8

Eggplant and pumpkin ratatouille (GF, vegan)                                                         $8

Chilli and garlic prawns                                                                                                 $14

Spicy chorizo and chick peas (GF)                                                                                $9

Spanish beef & lamb meatballs in bravas sauce (GF)                                               $9

Artichoke hearts wrapped in prosciutto (GF)                                                             $9

Almond crusted pork ribs                                                                                                 $10

Grilled pita bread (GF available)                                                                                      $4


Beef, orange and garlic skewers (GF)                                                                            $12

Calamari with basil and tomato skewers (GF)                                                            $11

Eggplant, pear and red peppers skewers (GF, vegan)                                               $11

Side salads (vegan, GF)

Warm roast peppers and tomato salad with cumin and sherry vinegar             $14

Cabbage, fresh orange and almond with house dressing                                         $14

Fennel, pumpkin and spinach leaf salad with house dressing                               $13


Vegetarian platter – olives, mushrooms, artichokes, spiced almonds, eggplant and pear skewers, pita bread and hummus                                                  $32

Cheese platter – assorted cheeses, sliced cured meats, hummus and pita bread                                                                                                     $38

All meat platter – olives, cured meats, almond crusted ribs, beef skewers, meatballs, pickled veg, hummus and pita bread                                              $45

Weekly tapas specials from $8

Weekly meat or local seafood specials from $28

Dessert platter                                                                                                                      $22

Turkish delight, baklava, churros with chocolate ganache, Italian meringue, spiced almonds and fresh fruit

Churros with chocolate ganache                                                                                     $9

Weekly Dessert Special                                                                                                      $12

The Pines Gelato (ask for flavours)                                                                                    $5

Affogato                                                                                                                                        $14

The Pines gelato, a shot of espresso & Frangelico or your favourite liqueur on the side

Brunch 10am til midday                                                     

Ricotta dropcakes with mixed berry compote (vegetarian)                                        $12

Spanish corn fritter with poached eggs                                                                           $13

Add chorizo $5

 Confit garlic mushrooms with goats cheese, poached eggs and Parmesan crisps $14

 Artichoke and tomato Omelette with olives and feta                                                    $12

Most dishes on our menu are gluten free (GF). All vegetarian dishes can be served vegan. We only use chemical & nitrate free cured meats, free range salt-bush lamb & pork, free range eggs & locally sourced fresh Australian seafood from Kiama Fisheries

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