Dining at the Art Bar


Artisan bread & oils                                                                                                             $6

House-made artisan bread & oils

Trio of dips                                                                                                                             $12

House-made dips & artisan bread (GF & veg available)

Antipasto platter                                                                                                                  $24

Olives, cured meats, dips and breads (GF available)

Cheese & cured meats                                                                                                       $38

Hand-picked cheese & cured meats served with accompaniments (GF)


Tapas (small plates to share)

Warmed olives (vegan, GF)                                                                                               $7

House-made green gazpacho Spanish vegetable soup served cold (V, GF)           $8

Bruschetta with tomato and anchovies (Anchovies optional)                                     $8

Patatas bravas Roasted potatoes in house-made bravas sauce (V, GF)                   $8

Spanish fried cauliflower (V, GF available)                                                                      $8

Lemon fried chorizo (GF)                                                                                                    $9

Chicken empanadas Pulled-chicken with enchilada sauce in pastry            $9

Catalan spicy prawns (GF)                                                                                                 $14


Raciones (larger plates to share)

Grilled Spanish octopus Braised and grilled octopus in a zesty chilli marinade (GF) $26

Grilled beef fillet with salsa verde Cooked to order (GF)                                              $30


Weekly Paella (for two to share)

Each week our Chef selects the freshest ingredients (GF)                    seafood         $70

                                                                                                                        meat              $60

                                                                                                                        veg                 $50

Side salads

Apple and walnut salad with ice-burg lettuce and house-made dressing                $14

Rocket, Spanish onion and orange salad with house-made citrus vinaigrette         $14



Spanish almond cake with a sweetened caramel sauce                                            $12

Spanish cheesecake ask for this week’s creation                                                          $12

Freshly made gelato from the local Pines dairy farm (lots of flavours available)      $6

Art Bar Affogato the Pines gelato, espresso coffee & liqueur of choice                     $14

2 thoughts on “Dining at the Art Bar

  1. Judi and Sean says:

    This has been a great menu and we have enjoyed nearly everything on it! Gotta know though…when does the new menu emerge?

    Judi and Sean

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