Art @ the Art Bar

Combining a passion for all things creative, the Art Bar features changing monthly exhibitions from local, national and with some luck international artists, as well as our own resident artist Jamie Cole.

Our mission is to support and exhibit contemporary artists whose work reflects the vibrancy and colour of their world; and to provide an engaging and dynamic space for artists, collectors and the community to come together.

Keep an eye on this website and our Facebook page for current exhibitions and events.

2017 Exhibition Calendar

Month Artist Medium Dates Opening
January Kerry Candarakis Painting/Mixed Media 4/01 – 29/01 Thurs 12th Jan
February  Becky, Gitte & jamie Paintings 2/02 – 26/02 Thurs 2nd Feb
March All that Jazz – Group Mixed Media 1/03 – 2/04 Thurs 2nd March
April Catherine Carr Painting 6/04 – 30/04 Thurs 6th April
May Gitte Backhaussen Assemblage 4/05 – 4/06 Thurs 5th May
June Hela Donela Acrylic on linen 7/06 – 2/07 Thurs 8th June
August Penny Sadubin Ephemeral/Photography 9/08 – 3/09 Thurs 10th August
Tim Rushby-Smith Drawing
September Robyn Sharp Painting/Mixed Media 6/09 – 1/10 Thurs 7th Sept
October Becky Guggisberg Painting 4/10 – 29/10 Thurs 5th Oct
November Jamie Cole Acrylic & Mixed Media 1/11 – 3/12 Thurs 2nd Nov
December  Lissa de Sailles Fibre Art 6/12 – 31/12 Thurs 7th Dec

CALLING ALL ARTISTS If you’re an artist, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message or an email to discuss future opportunities at

Together let’s make the South Coast a more colourful place!

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